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How Smart Marketers Use Instagram to Increase Sales

What more can you do to boost Instagram sales?

You have a good grasp of your target audience on Instagram, so you already know Instagram marketing is important to your overall social media marketing strategy. You use the most popular hashtags to boost engagement by joining relevant conversations in related communities. You create awesome quality images and GIFs that match your brand’s professional standards without boring your target audience.

Instagram marketing

You know the best times to post on Instagram, use Instagram influencer marketing, and post consistently to fire up engagement, expectancy and loyalty.

However, your sales are still not where they’re supposed to be. Guess what? There’s a proven framework that smart marketers use. Check out the 7 actionable tips below.

1. Match Instagram Posts with Brand Aesthetics

Posting a fantastic photo is a good way to get more followers on Instagram checking out your offer or product. But are you using your brand colors, fonts and other design elements to infuse your branding into your Instagram post types.

You want to be consistent and memorable. And smart marketers know showing up in familiar colors inspires familiarity, hence trust. The trick here is to mix-match your branding elements to complement the voice, tone and/or events highlighted in the post.

2. Use Less Popular, More Targeted Hashtags

Smart Instagram marketers know less popular IG hashtags are not a waste of valuable space, timing and marketing dollars—if well targeted.

Here is the thing:

While the most popular hashtags on Instagram are likely to attract the most visitors and followers, a huge portion of that traffic may not convert. That is because such hashtags tend to pull everyone in, and no one in particular.

Targeting your hashtags, on the other hand, means you are addressing the pain, joy, need, want, fantasy, and so on of fewer but more interested IG followers. The kind that is most likely to say “Yes” to your offer.

3. Use Valuable Captions to Boost Engagement

Instagram Stories is a resourceful marketing tool for smart marketers. Yet, Stories is not the only feature to help you boost engagement and conversions.

Have you used stories to caption your photos and watched the engagement levels soar?

Check out these examples of how to create stunning photo captions on Instagram:

Instagram sales caption

Very clever, Forever 21!

4. Use the Best Instagram Marketing Tools

The best Instagram marketing tools will help you understand your audience, create engaging posts, schedule Instagram posts for the best times, and so much more with less time and resources.

If you are not already using Instagram Analytics, you’ll want to. According to Pew Research, smart marketers use such tools to get valuable information.

5. Feature Users Using the Brand’s Products/Service

One of the most powerful Instagram marketing techniques that the smartest IG marketers use is to let customers’ imagination run wild by seeing others use their product or join their cause. People love to belong to communities and if you can provide the evidence that everyone wants in on your offer, you can increase engagement, followers and conversions.

Check this out:

Instagram marketing example

6. Use Video

Instagram is no longer a photos-only social network. Neither is it only available for Boomerang clips and GIF images.

While you are limited to just 60 seconds to make your Instagram video rock your posting, such video posts are great tools for sharing in-the-moment action, your brand culture, behind the scenes of an ongoing event, and much more.

With quality phone cameras coming out every other month, a smart marketer no longer has to hire an expensive filming crew or video editors to capture and share the moments in motion.

Furthermore, always aiming for perfect videos or photo shoots might actually end up making your posts and stories seem too perfected to be true.

Show a little spontaneity. You do not want to seem perpetually rehearsed to close a sale.

Perfection can be the perfect engagement killer.

7. Use Instagram Shoppable Posts

One of the newest Instagram marketing strategy boosters, Shoppable Posts empower smart IG marketers to tag products in a post. That means customers will be able to tap a product they like in a post. They’ll find out more information about it on the dedicated landing page you create for that product. They can then seamlessly make a purchase from you.

Read all about Instagram Shoppable Posts here.

Get that piece of the Instagram marketing pie

With over 700 million active users per month, Instagram marketing can help you reach more targeted leads in a huge marketplace. Together with what you are already doing to increase conversion on Instagram, you can add these seven ways smart marketers use Instagram to increase sales and see more results in 2018 and beyond.

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