How to Become a Superstar Instagram Influencer (Even If You Are an Ordinary User Right Now)

Ways to become an instagram influencer

It’s a good time to be on Instagram.

Check this out:

There are over 800 million Instagram users.

More than 300 million Instagram users engage with Instagram Stories on a regular basis. That is about three times the number that uses a similar feature on SnapChat.

Also, in 2017, Social Media Today found Instagram referrals stay on ecommerce sites for up to 192 seconds. That is about triple the time Pinterest referrals take up and double what referrals from Facebook do.

That also means you do not have to be a business to enjoy similar benefits.

You only need to be an ordinary Instagram user with an interest in becoming an Instagram influencer.

You can become an authority when you take up and put into action the best influencer marketing tactics and tips to get you started and growing.

It is surprisingly simple when you know where to start and how.

Try these Instagram tips to get the best results possible.

1. Decide You Really Want to Be an Influencer

Becoming an Instagram influencer means you are becoming a brand. Brands work with Instagram for Business accounts, so you’ll want to sign up for one or convert your existing profile.

Then understand influence cannot be bought. You earn it.

How do you do that?

By fostering meaningful relationships. So, how do you create value-driven relationships to increase followers and engagement on Instagram?

Grow your Instagram followers base organically.

Here’s the thing:

Becoming a successful influencer is not really about how many followers you have, but how well you engage with them; how you influence them.

Buying Instagram followers doesn’t get you genuine Instagram followers that are actually interested in what you do, how you do it, and what value they get from it.

But organically obtained followers engage with you with likes, comments, reactions, shares, mentions, clickthrough, and hashtagging.

The two of you click.

And they came to you for a concrete reason—to learn from you, which is what powerful, genuine influence is about.

2. Have Something to Offer

Isn’t that obvious?

You are only going to be an influencer if you have credible authority in a specific area. The most popular influencers right now did not become who they are by being Jacks and Jills of all trades.

For example, are you down for photography and think life revolves around it?

What is it about your photography skills that makes you so unique and worth listening to? Do you think you can teach people a bit about it?

People will follow you because you have something of value to them that they can learn from you.

3. Use Polls

As much as your audience follows you, they are not you. What you might think they want to know could be the exact opposite of what they really care about in the future (many times pretty soon).

Want to know what your followers really care to hear, read, and watch from you?

Ask them.

A relatively new Instagram tool, Polls lets you do that. That way you can understand your followers better and serve them accordingly. You can even post a poll on your Instagram Story. Then you can get almost instant feedback on which step to take next—considering your passion or knowledge base and your followers’ needs.

4. Personalize your brand

One of the top Instagram influencers to use this strategy is Gary Vaynerchuk.

He uses custom images, effectively making his Instagram posts authentically his. Gary even uses selfies on many of his Story posts.

You do not want to be a copy of some other brand or Instagram sensation. Originality adds to your influence as opposed to copying others’ ways of doing things, which takes from your credibility.

While you can use the best Instagram tools to create custom images, short and long-form videos, you do not have to. The key is to add your own unique twists and pizzazz to your posts. Then be consistent about the colors and tone you decide to use, so it is easy for your followers to identify your brand or personality wherever and whenever you post.

Final word on becoming an Instagram influencer

Improving your Instagram engagement rate and increasing followers starts with the four Instagram tips highlighted here.

For example, starting out with the end-goal in mind helps put things into perspective. That way you can avoid mistakes others make because they barely considered tomorrow. Such mistakes include buying followers, not specifying a niche, and not starting out with a business account (if you plan to leverage future influence to promote other brands and make money with your Instagram account).

Want to find out the best Instagram strategies to grow your Instagram organically? Browse the Liked Lab blog for that and much more.

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